Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Art Lessons

My wife and I have discussed the possibility of using the new studio space to offer art lessons and after talking with a few people, I've gotten really excited about it. I'm still hammering out all the details, but at this point, I'm thinking of offering a few different classes.

1. CLASS FOR YOUNGER ARTISTS (Ages 11 and up. $30/month. One hour class held each week.) - This is a class that I'd love to do simply because this is the age I started to realize I could draw and paint things fairly realistically. Kids have a great ability and willingness to try new things and have a natural desire to be creative. Unfortunately, I won't be able to form a class for elementary school aged kids at this point, but it may be a possibility in the future. I believe art is such an important subject for kids of all ages and I know many of them miss out on these opportunities because they aren't offered them in their regular school courses or they have to choose between Art, Music, etc. This class will be a lot of fun and I'm really looking forward to it.

I'd like to try two adult classes:

2. DRAWING ($65/month. Two and a half hour class held each week.) - This class would involve instruction and practice with several different drawing mediums and methods. I think this is the adult class that I'm most excited about because it seems to be like so many other things in that it "always comes back to the basics". I can't paint the way I'd like to paint without first being comfortable with my drawing skills. I can't maintain my drawing skills without constant practice. When it comes comes right down to it, drawing, for me, is the most fun and relaxing thing I do in art. I'd like to draw from "life" (direct observation of the actual subject rather than other methods - i.e. using photos) as much as possible. Subjects may vary, depending on class interest, but I think eventually, I'd like to bring a model in and cover some of the basics of portrait drawing.

3. OIL PAINTING ($65/month. Two and a half hour class held each week.) - This class would cover many of the basics of oil painting such as value, color mixing, and paint application techniques. We may also do some monochromatic (single color) studies to practice using the brush and improve drawing skills. Again, I'd like to work from life as much as possible using a variety of different subjects, which may vary with the class interest. These subjects might involve setting up a still life in the studio, bringing in a model for a portrait study, or taking our paints outside to paint a landscape. These types of life studies may seem a bit daunting to those who have never tried it, but I guarantee, it is some of the very best practice you can get!

DISCOUNTS are offered for multiple family members signing up or for individuals taking more than one class.

Please feel to contact me anytime for further details. Due to studio space, class sizes will be limited and I hope to start getting together by mid-summer. Hope to see you soon!

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  1. Dan,
    Zach is ready to sign up, so he is ready when you are!!!! We are looking forward to it.